Low-Twist, High-Absorbency, Super-Soft, 100% Premium Cotton

The Scratch Protector towel is made from a premium, low-twist, super-absorbent, 100% Cotton fiber. Its super soft, lint-free, and extremely durable. Our premium deep nap acts as a shield, providing extra surface protection from harmful particles, dirt and pollutants. The Scratch Protector brand offers an unmatched, superior level of protection for almost every surface.

100% Premium Cotton

Our Premium, low-twist, 100% Premium cotton is super-absorbent and extra soft, providing a superior level of protection.

Wash, Wax, Polish, Etc...

Each 3-Pack includes 1 red, 1 white, and 1 blue hemmed 12.5” x 12.5” premium towel, allowing you to use each color for a specific task: wash, wax, polish, etc…

Removable Cotton Hem

Our extra soft, removable cotton hem provides a high level of protection against scratches. Rest assured, your delicate surfaces are safe.

Caring for Your 100% Cotton Detailing Towels

 To help accelerate the softening of your new towels, we highly recommend using Clorox® UltimateCare® bleach with your favorite liquid laundry detergent. The Clorox UltimateCare will gently break down the cotton fibers, making your towels softer with each wash. We DO NOT recommend the use of a traditional fabric softener, as the silicone will transfer into the fibers of the cotton. You may dry your towels using a medium heat.